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Gastronomic and Language Immersion Experiences

Next year we are adding two new and very special experiences. A WAY off the beaten path Gastronomic tour and an unforgettable language immersion tour.

Why People Love Us!

VIP Sightseeing

We dig deep and work with local friends and guides to get into places that are not open to the public... and many of them not open to other tour groups (especially the big ones). We hire guides at all major sights to bring them to life in story. Our tours include cooking classes and wine tastings whenever possible... Because... Hello! It's Italy! Who wouldn't want that.

You'll End Up Italian

Whether you start the tour as an Italian or not, you will end your tour as an Italian. With my good friend and tour PIC (partner in crime), Tommaso, you will learn the proper way to say "grazie," sing Italian songs, and dive into the culture of Italy. Together we will not just show you Italy, but encourage and help you to experience Italy and have an amazing time.

Very Small Groups

All of our tours take no more than 10 and usually max out at 6 to 7 people. We love being able to stay in family run hotels and navigate amazing cities like the locals, with the locals. Our groups make fast friends for life and enjoy a more relaxed style. This size of group lends itself to exploring off the beaten path. Not to mention we save hours not waiting for 60 people to get on and off a bus. 

No Hidden Costs

There's nothing worse than signing up for a tour where almost nothing is included. We include all the major sights and attractions as well as most meals. Also, we cover all tips and gratuities. We don't want our guests to worry about adding things on and budgeting for all the additional items. (No wonder their prices seem so much less). There's no hidden costs or fees with us. 

5 Secrets The Tour Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

It's how they make so much money off of you, even though their prices seem so low. Once you know the secrets, you can avoid them and save money.

What Can We Do For You ?

Guided Tours

Join a few cool people (6-7) for "amazing trip of a lifetime" tours to Italy. No big tour busses or cranky people. See major sights as a group, and the rest on your own. You'll also get to explore sights unseen by others as we take you places locked away to those who don't know the secrets. 

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Custom Tours

Love one of our tours, but want to go with your own group (or just the 2 of you)? Sign up for a private departure on the tour page. See a tour you like, but it's not quite right? Perhaps you want to add a city or go kayaking or biking instead of doing a cooking class? Ask about our custom tours. 

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Custom Itineraries

Planning a trip can take up to 50+ hours and even if you have the time, do you want to plan it yourself. I live and breath Italy and travel planning. I know the secrets and have connections. You could be spending the time with family or even making some extra spending money. 

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How Much Are You Paying AFTER You Sign Up For Your Tour?

Being in the tour industry has shed some light on how most companies make money... It's definitely NOT something I agree with. Fine out what they do by watching the video below.

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