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"We offer world class, boutique, guided tours to Italy for people who don’t want to or don’t have time to plan their own trip, but still want to have some freedom in their traveling and fully experience the amazing Italian culture and historic sites. This experience is provided by keeping our tour group size half the size, or smaller, than other “small group” tour companies and using mostly local, family run restaurants and accommodations that are close to the heart of the city. Unlike most boutique and specialty tours we provide almost all meals, more activities, optimal free time, and no getting on and off large tour buses to maximize the value for your money. Additionally, because of our intimate travel style we can easily immerse you into the culture of the cities we stay in, with cooking classes, wine tastings and exclusive sights not open to the public. We are able to navigate the towns and cities like the locals. While on our tours, you will truly experience what it’s like to “live” in Italy during the time you are there."

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Why Go With Us?

Group Size

Tour groups come in many sizes, uncluding the traditional small tours (20-40 people) that still need buses and larger hotels and restaurants. Imagine how long it takes just to get your whole group on or off a bus. Our group tours go with a maximum of 6-8 people on every tour (8-10 including guides). This affords us the ability to blend in and travel more like a local. We are able to see unique areas and meet local business owners and other travelers. This size gives us the distinct advantage of really experiencing all Italy has to offer.

Best Value

We work hard to provide you an amazing value for your trip. We want you to have the best possible trip for the best possible price. To do this we include everything we can so there are no hidden costs to you. One travel agent asked how we can ever make money at the prices we have, offering as much as we do in the tours. You won't find a better tour than ours for the price we ask. 


People go to Italy for the experience, for the culture, and for the food and wine. They rarely go just to see some things and leave. We create our tours to include the experiences you want to have. Each of our tours includeds either a cooking class or wine tasting, and in some cases, both! All of our tours also include some exclusive sightseeing into areas closed to the public and often closed to larger tour groups. When your tour is over, you will not just have seen some of Italy, you will have experienced it. 


Unlike most tours, we provide you with most of the meals while you are on the tour. The itinerary for each tour will outline which meals are included, but in most cases, every breakfast and more than half the lunches and dinners are included. In addition you are not limited to a pre-selected “tour menu.” You can enjoy whatever you like from the full menu. Each meal includes water (it's not free), your choice of food, and one beverage, excluding alcohol. Even when we are not hosting the meals, our guides will have some wonderful local recommendations.


All of your accommodations are included in the price of the tour. We stay almost exclusively in local, family run hotels, inns and B&Bs that are clean, comfortable and provide the appropriate amenities. On some of our tours we stay in large private condos for our group only. Because we have a small group size we stay in unique and exclusive places that can’t hold large numbers of people. This also gives us the opportunity to stay in the heart of the cities we visit.


Every tour is carefully planned to include the best attractions and activities, while leaving time for participants to explore more on their own. Many companies take you to “view” places on the tour from the outside. We take you inside and give you time to see it at your own pace when possible. Since there is so much to do and see in Italy and we can’t take you to everything, it’s a good idea to plan your free time accordingly before you get there. 


Because we want our tours to immerse into Italy, we choose to take public transportation most of the time, and occassionaly hire private drivers when needed. Between cities we ride the same trains as the locals. In town, we use the same busses and subways the locals use. We feel this is a great way to be with italians in their environment. Most tour companies (big and small), transport you in charter busses, keeping you in a bubble of tourists for your entire trip.


Our local guides are hand-picked based on knowledge, passion and story telling. Our Ultimate Italy tour directors each train for a minimum of one year with the company before guiding solo. It is a requirement that the guide be personable, charismatic and fun as well as detail and time oriented, familiar with the tours and dedicated to making your tour the best it can be. Also, no tipping is necessary for any of the guides or drivers for our tours. It has already been included in the tour price. 

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