Bellangela Gastronomic Tours 2020

Ciao and congrats!
You are one of Angela and Kerri's chosen friends with a personal invitation to join us in Italy

Bellangela Sezze Tour Highlights

An unique opportunity to visit Sezze (Angela's hometown in Lazio region) and the area around, experiencing the cultural life, the food, the wine, the tradition and obviously the history... 2,400 years old historical sites

Sneak Peek of the Tour!

Day 1: Arrive In Rome

You deserve the best! 
Our personal chauffeur will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at the magnificent hotel with spa where you can start to relax at the swimming pool with a glass of local wine. Angela and Kerri will be waiting for you with all the excitement and info for your Sezze tour

Pic: Kerri and Angela in Sezze

Day 2: Meet Angela's family in Sezze

You made it to Sezze!
A 2,400 years old town on top of a hill with small "viuzze" (one way streets). Our guide will help us discover the gems hidden in the historic center. What about stopping for lunch at Trattoria delle Erbe? And tasting traditional desserts that Chef Angela has learned from her grandma Vincenzina? Don't worry we have it all set up and ready for you

Pic: Patrizia and Antonio Belli in Sezze - Angela's parents


Day 3: Wine Tasting + Pizza 

Local wine and prosciutto tasting in Bassiano, medieval town where Angela & Raffaele took their wedding pictures.

Enjoy all-you-can-eat pizza at Claudia pizzeria, where we will meet the large Italian-family owned pizzeria (Angela's family friends) and have the best pizza in town, a ginormous variety of topping for our "pizza al taglio"    

Pic: Angela eating pizza arugula and shrimps @Claudia's pizzeria 

Day 4: Norma

Do you love chocolate and Roman Villas?
In Norma, after tasting and making our own chocolate, we will be walking to the Roman Villa ruins that dominate the panorama of the Pontina plain. The sunset that "dies" in the Mediterranean Sea will remain printed in your memory forever.

Pic: Angela looking at the Pontina plain


Day 5: Mozzarella + Terracina city

After a relaxing morning at the Spa what is better than mozzarella di bufala making and tasting?

Our private driver will bring us to Terracina, to visit "Tempio di Giove Anxur" a Roman temple with another breathtaking point view to the sea.
Our own Enzo, Angela's friend, will suggest the best seafood menu' choice for our dinner in front of the sea

Pic: Kerri and Angela eating mozzarella di bufala caprese


Day 6: Cooking Class and Farewell

Bellangela's has organized an unforgettable cooking class experience under the sky with an Italian dinner type of festa. Angela's family will join the festivity for more traditional fun with music, dances, singing and... a surprise!

Pic: Bellangela's cooking class for Ultimate Italy Tours guests 

Day 7: Depart Italy, ciao!

You have Italy in your heart now but don't worry Bellangela will be in Seattle to delight you with Italianity :) 

Grazie and see you to the next avventura italiana

What's Included

Group Size

The group size for this tour is limited to a max of 12 people. This allows us to be flexible, stay in amazing places, and get around with ease. We are also able to get off the beaten path.


During your tour you will have a full-time Ultimate Italy Tour Guide. We will have amazing local guides as well as our very special Chef Angela Belli!


On this gastronomic tour we will be on a tasting adventure. Think mozzarella, chocolate, dessert, pizza and more. In addition we will have an outdoor cooking class and a wonderful morning at the spa.


Meals are an important part of your Italian experience. We include as many meals as possible, except when we aren't together as a group. We will give suggestions. 


All your group transportation is included. We have a private driver in a minibus to take us around for the entire week. This also includes airport transfers to and from the Rome airport.


All accommodations are included in the price of the tour. We chose a place that is unique, beautiful and luxurious. They even have a spa and a pool!!!

Tips and Gratuities

Most tours require daily tips for drivers, tour directors and local guides. Not us! This is one of the perks of joining us! No required tips or gratuities. 

VIP Experience

We work hard to add unique and off the beaten path locations and sights that other tour groups and individuals don't know how to get in to! You are not going to want miss these!

Join a Bellangela Gastronomic Experience

All tours depart with a maximum of 12 people.

Upcoming Dates

2020 Dates

May 30 - June 5, 2020

FALL DATE AVAILABLE: Sept. 19-25, 2020

$3197 per person*

**Questions before you book? Call Us at (800) 380-8350 or email [email protected]

 *Flight NOT included









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