Episode 4 | Ultimate Italy Show | Unlocking Secret Italy

Mar 01, 2018

Picture yourself in Italy, wandering down a small, peaceful alleyway, away from the crowds, the chaos and the craziness. It's quiet enough you can hear your own footsteps and a grandmother yelling happily to an unseen child. You are where Italians live, work and play. As you turn the corner you see the most beautiful and unique facade on an old, but well kept, building. You feel like it's yours alone to enjoy, this little secret, down a little alley. None of the other tourists have come this way. You found this hidden gem.. and you don't have to share it. 

Imagine if you could find these kinds of sights, hidden gems, unique places on purpose too. I love wandering and getting lost, finding new things and enjoying a quiet neighborhood, but it's even better if I can get inside the gate, behind a closed door and into a world very few tourists will ever see. 

In this video I show you how to do that very thing. It's not magic, I don't know a bunch of secrets, and I don't know all the right people (I do know quite a few now though), I simply know where to find the information and how to use it to get to these magical hidden places. 

I call them the SECRET books. Secret Rome, Secret Florence, etc., etc. These are the books I use to unlock the secret side of Italy. I have provided the links below so you can go directly to them on Amazon. (*full disclosure, I do get a small percentage for each sale, but even if I didn't, these books are amazing and I'd still tell you about them).

Secret Venice                            Secret Rome                      Secret Florence


Secret Milan                           Secret Naples                         Secret Tuscany


Check these out, I know you will love them!

And please feel free to share this post so you can always find the books you need for you next trip. 

Ciao ciao,