Episode 6 | Ultimate Italy Show | Best Suitcase For Italy

May 17, 2018

(Here's the link to the suitcase that I mention in the video in the video) Eagle Creek Expanse Carry On 22,  Black  - UPDATED!!! The one thing I didn't like about the suitcase in the video was the main compartment didn't open all the way up. This new version has the same wonderful perks, but ALSO has the better opening!! Yes!!

I spend a good amount of time in Italy every year and there's one thing I know for sure I will see every time I go... 


So you've planned a trip to Italy, you have your plane tickets and all your details set. You are just about to pack your suitcase.......  But wait... Are you sure your suitcase can handle Italy?

I know this probably sounds like a strange thing to say, but Italy (and Europe) are filled with cobblestones, stairs, steep hills, pedestrian only streets, potholes, bumpy roadsides leading to beautiful villas, etc. With all of these surfaces comes the need for great wheels and small bags with a good capacity.

After spending a lot of time using suitcases in Italy in all kinds of situations, I have found that the following suitcase is exceptional for dealing with the conditions of Italy. 

Eagle Creek Expanse Carry-on 22 inch, Black 


Check it out and let me know what you think. If you didn't watch the video to see why I love this suitcase so much... go back and watch.. it's only 6 minutes and I squint the whole time.