Urban Hiking Tuscan Style

While on a recent trip in Tuscany, some friends asked if I wanted to join them on a "walk" from Florence up to the beautiful Tuscan town of Impruneta. Of course! How could I pass up an opportunity to be guided by experts through areas overflowing with so much beauty and history?

View along the Arno River
It turned out to be a sunny, warm Spring day. We started in downtown Florence, walked along the Arno River and then started up some beautiful stone pathways that had views on both sides. The paths wind past villas and vineyards, picturesque places where you want to plant yourself on the porch and never leave!
Beautiful Villa
Tuscan hike
Stone pathway

Thank goodness my friends were patient with me while I had to take a couple breaks up those hills (they are in much better shape than me!) We decided to make a caffeine/gelato stop about halfway into the walk. Just before we came upon a little bar, my friend said, "there is Galileo's house", I thought he was kidding but it was true! Here were were on a small path a few miles from Florence and there sits Galileo's house. Amazing.

Galileo house
Galileo's house

A few feet up the road we reached the bar and each grabbed a pick-me-up. This bar seemed to be in the middle of nowhere so it was funny when we walked around to the back side and there was big room with a tv broadcasting a soccer game and what I guessed to be all the men in the town gathered around to watch. It was one of those moments that I absolutely love-watching the locals in their element.

Locals watching the soccer game

We finally made it to Impruneta after a few more miles, a few more hills and a couple more rest breaks for me. I think we hiked almost 12 miles (uphill!) and I was completely exhausted but it's one of my favorite memories from my trip! That's what travel is all about - having experiences and making memories.

Me on one of the very narrow roads
Story by: Dionne Foote