When In Rome - 4 Fun Things To Do On Your Roman Holiday

Jan 17, 2017

Rome, in all its splendor, awe and grandeur, can be an overwhelming city to visit. When planning a trip to Rome, you look for the amazing sites and the tourist locations that can't be missed, as you should. But how often do you think about how to slow down, people watch and have some fun in the eternal city? Enjoy this list of fun, and even magical, places you should see or do when you visit Rome.


1) Piazza Navona I can't say enough about this amazing square located in the heart of Rome. Being lined with restaurants, shops, gelato, and a beautiful church, is only the beginning of what this magnificent place has to offer. Filled with musicians, comedians, dancers and artists, every one of your senses has something to enjoy. There are three beautiful fountains designed to congregate around, with the center one being the main attraction. If you decide to grab a gelato or the famous Tartufo from Tre Scalini, remember it costs a lot more to sit down than it does to carry it out. 

2) Hop On/ Hop Off Bus (open top bus) For those of you visiting Rome for the first time, the hop on / hop off bus is a great way to have some fun. Just sitting up on the top of the bus is an enjoyable and memory filled experience, not to mention a great place to take pictures from a different and sometimes blurry perspective, but well worth it. Stopping at all major tourist attractions you will quickly be able to get acquainted with the town, and through a set of headphones, you get an informative and at times funny, run down on the history of the major sites you pass by. Usually these buses have a multi-day pass so you can use it to get around town instead of paying for a taxi, driving yourself or managing public transportation (which is also something every traveler should do at some point)

3) Trevi Fountain If you have some extra time to spend here, you will find this to be a wonderful place to have some fun people watching. During peak season it is slammed with tourists all vying for position to throw their coins into the fountain and get a picture of it in the moment. I love to come here and watch people experience this magical place. During the off season, this amazing fountain is still a happening place, just much easier to find a seat, lean back and enjoy. Make sure to get some gelato and let yourself melt into the experience. If you prefer not to be here when it's CRAZY busy, come at sunrise and you'll have the place to yourself (and amazing pictures like the one above). Whatever you do, don't just run in, toss your coin and leave.

4) Roma Termini Yes I said it! The train station is a fun place to visit in Rome. It's filled with shops, travelers, commuters and a buzz of human activity. More than likely you will have to come here at some point if you are traveling to places outside of Rome, but make some time to get here early, or come by when you aren't getting on a train, and enjoy the atmosphere and hubbub of the train station.

If there is nothing else you take away from these fun, magical and awe-inspiring places, please let it be to sit back and take in the surroundings. Experience the feel of the place, the people who are there and the magic these places can fill you with.  

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