Trip Planning Services

We understand going to Italy with a tour is not for everyone. We also know that it takes the average person more than 40 hours to plan a trip to Italy... That's where we can help. 

What Trip Planning Includes

3 - Phone Calls

1 - 45 minute planning call to get started, 1 - 25 minute call upon completion, 1 - 25 minute call right before you depart. (You will also get a free consulation call to make sure we are a good fit for you)

5 Hours Planning

The first 5 hours of planning are included in the base price. Depending on where you are going and how unique you want your trip to be, you may not need more than 5 hours. 

Unlimited Email

To us trip planning is like a painting, it will take a couple of rough drafts before it is just right. Email any ideas, comments, suggestions, or changes at any time. We will send updates as we go. 

Trip Overview

A broad overview of where you are going, when, where to stay, how you are getting around and major sights to see. Some general notes about the time of year and location will also be included here. 

Daily Itineraries

Each day broken down into what times you will likely be doing different activities. How and when to go to maximize your time and minimize your stress. This includes notes on specific transportation, lines, tickets etc. 

To-Do Lists

These lists will help you with remembering everything you need to do, from passport info to packing lists and calling your bank. We don't want you to forget anything.**

Navigation details

Whether you are driving across the country or using trains, we will detail out costs and times, locations and distances. We include city transportation like bus/subway/taxi etc. 

Budget Spreadsheet

We have a very special spreadsheet you can use to map out all of your spending before you go. Everything is covered from food to tipping and hotels to shopping. You'll know what your trip should cost before you go. 


The base price for our planning services is $200 and includes the first 5 hours of planning. This must be paid in full for us to start planning for you. If your trip requires more than 5 hours, you will be billed for an additional $50 per hour. We will let you know before hand if we think it will take any additional time, although we won't know exactly how much.

$200 Base Price - First 5 hours (required up front)
$50/hour for each additional hour (paid upon completion)

Request a Consultation Call

Fill out the form to speak with us about your upcoming trip and find out what we can do for you. (No purchase required)

**We do not book or make reservations for car rental, hotel, flight or activites. We do give all information to book these items on your own and include them in your to-do lists. If we have specific contacts for you, we will introduce you over email.