10 Awesome Packing Hacks (And One To Avoid)

I don't know about you, but packing kinda sucks. Fortunately there are some hacks you can use to save yourself from spilled lotions, stolen money, tangled necklaces and broken wine bottles. There's also a hack NOT to use.. unless you want to miss your flight while sitting with TSA. 

1) Put A Dryer Sheet In Your Suitcast

At some point, everyone's suitcase gets a little stinky and stale. You have, at least, dirty laundry and shoes packed in there. Adding a dryer sheet to your suitcase will help combat these nasty smells and keep you smelling fresh. 

2) Roll Your Clothes

With the often high costs of bring checked luggage, saving space in your suitcase is VERY important. With that in mind... roll your clothes to save that space you could be using to bring back wine or other treasures... or maybe just wine.. or limoncello!!!!

3) Pack Socks In Your Shoes

I generally suggest wearing your biggest, clunkiest shoes on the plane (to save space), but if you have another pair of room theiving shoes, fill them with socks (and/or undies).

*** Another side hack from this is to put your shoes in a showercap to keep from getting your clothes dirty! BOOM!***

4) Use Plastic Wrap To Keep Your Liquid Bottles From Leaking

Have you ever opened your suitcase to find your shampoo bottle exploded midflight? This might be helpful for you! Put plastic wrap under the lid so it is much less likely to cause a catastrophe before you even check into your hotel. 

5) Use A Binder Clip Over Your Razor Blades

So, I'm going to be real honest with you... I've cut myself trying to get to my razor... Don't laugh, it sucks. Good news is... I won't do it again. Simply clip on a binder clip to protect yourself from nasty cuts (unless yours has it's own cover, then you don't need this hack... so move along.)

6) Put Jewelry In Pill Boxes

I personally like this hack. I have a knack for losing earrings and tangling necklaces (next hack solves this), so putting them in a pill box (usually the kind made for a week of pills) is a great idea. If your container is NOT see-through, it will also serve as a way to help hide your jewelry. 

7) The Ol' "Necklace Through The Straw" Trick

As I mentioned in the last hack, I always find my necklaces tangled. Perhaps you have too... By threading one end of your necklace through the straw and then clasping it at the other end, you will keep it from twisting around itself and causing you (sometimes) hours of frustration trying to get the perfect necklace for your carefully packed outfit untangled. 

8) The Chapstick Hiding Spot

Of course you will need to finish using your chapstick first, but, once it's gone, this is a great place to hide money or other VERY TINY valuables (maybe even your tangled necklace). 

9) Pack An Empty Bag In Your Suitcase

There are 2 reasons I like to pack an empty bag in my suitcase. 1) I have something to bring souvenirs home in (if they don't fit in my suitcase). 2) It's great for going to the beach or just taking a few things with you from your hotel. A tote bag can work well, but I find that sometimes, something with a zipper may work better. 

10) Secure A Wine Bottle In Your Shoes


You will need to watch the video to see exactly how they do this. I haven't ever tried this one, but I can see it has potential. My problem is, I rarely buy just one bottle of wine (or limoncello) so I have it shipped or sneak some of it into my husbands suitcase.... Shhhh... don't tell. 

So that's it.. 10 Awesome Packing Hacks.... oh wait, you want to see the "Packing Hack To Avoid" don't you? Ok...

Packing Hack You NEED To Avoid!!!!!!!

11) Put Toothpaste In A Straw (don't do it). 

If you are determined to do this, watch the full video below to see exactly how to do this. However, I don't recommend doing it.... for the obvious reasons. 


Watch the full video here... There are a couple more hacks included...