The Best Mountain Biking in Tuscany!

I'll be honest, I don't even bike at home but when tour guides Tommaso and Kerri finally convinced me to go on a ride with them through the Tuscan hills, it was a ride I will never forget!

We started out renting electric bikes from a company in San Casciano, just a few miles outside Florence. The owner was super helpful making sure we had the right bike for our size and experience (or lack of!). I've never ridden an electric bike before so I didn't know much about them but I thought to myself-this won't be that hard, this bike is electric and will do all the work. Spoiler alert: the bike does not do ALL the work for you! What it does allow is the steep hills to be not quite as exhausting.

We rode through small towns, on dirt and gravel trails and on winding Chianti roads. The views were amazing and you could easily stop at any time to take pictures. I mean, just look at those views!!

 We rode quite a few miles until we arrived at our destination, a beautiful castle and winery. We did a quick wine, olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting and then headed back. 

This is an activity you can request on one of our tours and Tommaso can show you the best spots to ride depending on your level of expertise and what you want to see. I can tell you it was an experience I would recommend to everyone visiting Tuscany!

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Story by Dionne Foote